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MOBA tames the asphalt jungle

Posted on | March 30, 2014 | Comments Off on MOBA tames the asphalt jungle

moba_logoMOBA is arming asphalt contractors with the latest technological weapons in the battle against thermal segregation. Construction Plant New’s Lee Jones reports on some of its control and monitoring solutions.Having only been in the UK for three years MOBA is a relatively new brand in the UK but has actually been in existence for 41 years, and is a market leader in Germany. A 16 million turnover sees the company’s products used in sectors including waste management but construction remains the manufacturer’s core business. MOBA products are used inroad construction and earth moving machines as well as cranes and aerial work platforms.

In road repair and maintenance one German manufacturer is firmly of the opinion that some of the methods used in this country are somewhat archaic compared to our continental counterparts. Indeed, in some instances there has been an active aversion to bringing in technological innovation – but that is starting to change and MOBA is hoping to be at the forefront of this transformation. In asphalt management, for instance, the German company’s Pave-IR system monitors the complete road map as it is laid, providing a thermal gradient that ultimately delivers the reassurance of longer periods between maintenance.

With the MOBA technology the contractor knows they’re doing it right first time,there will be no relaying of cold spots and the guarantee that is provided on works can be extended. Given the disruption that major repairs and improvements can cause on our busy highways, longer maintenance cycles are clearly a considerable advantage in themselves. In addition, Pave-IR provides a complete electronic data record of the work, which can be referred to if the customer encounters problems in the years ahead, and it’s also possible for the asphalt contractor to monitor its own paver crews for quality and control purposes.



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