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In a nutshell, we're focused on delivering outstanding PR and marketing work for our clients, helping them communicate more effectively with their market in order for them to raise their profile and grow their business. More

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Our clients are both big and small, consumer as well as business focused and from a wide variety of industry sectors. Our main areas of strength are sustainability, consumer goods, aviation & travel and property & finance. More

Branding and DesignMarlboroughFor more than a decade, Marlborough has been one of the leading executive search firms specialising in the aviation & aerospace and travel & hospitality sectors. Marlborough regularly places C-level and senior management roles and are trusted advisers to the world’s leading airlines, airports, hotels and travel companies. With the company experiencing double-digit growth over the previous 4 years, the company’s visual identity, collateral and website needed to be brought into line to reflect their current market status and to position the company for growth in the future.


Before shaping the strategy or even beginning any design work, we developed the overall brand proposition and value statements. This simply means, revealing Marlborough’s main strengths and differentiators and then articulating this into value that the company brings to its clients. Knowing that their clients, as well as candidates, were senior-level executives the brand personality needs to say that ‘we’re to be taken seriously’ yet speaks plainly without corporate jargon. The brand feel should be fresh, innovative and eye-catching, making a strong departure from the typical formulaic designs that significant numbers of aviation companies employ.


We created a strong brand value proposition that communicated clearly the key customer values. The key differentiators were the company’s speed of service, its exceptional levels of quality and customer service and its preferential relationships with industry leaders. The strong brand design was carried through all the company’s sales & marketing collateral including brochures, event flyers, print and online advertising and exhibition displays. We also developed the company’s new website that through SEO optimisation significantly visitors.


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