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We are full-service PR & Marketing agency, committed to investing the time to understand your challenges and objectives before using our experience and creativity to help you raise your brand profile, generate more business and attract new customers. More

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In a nutshell, we're focused on delivering outstanding PR and marketing work for our clients, helping them communicate more effectively with their market in order for them to raise their profile and grow their business. More

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Our clients are both big and small, consumer as well as business focused and from a wide variety of industry sectors. Our main areas of strength are sustainability, consumer goods, aviation & travel and property & finance. More

Professional Services


Barking Dog Professional Services PRBarking Dog Communications specialises in legal PR and professional services PR, working with outstanding and innovative organisations to ensure their key messages are targeted precisely towards those they wish to influence, impress and inform.


We also help legal, accountancy and consulting firms to engage effectively with key business influencers, and extend their spheres of influence by harnessing the ever-increasing power of social media and arranging highly selective roundtable events.


One of the biggest challenges facing any professional services firm is cutting through the marketplace clutter in order to stand out from your competitors. To prosper in today’s demanding environment, it’s essential that professional services firms focus on building credibility and trust with clients, regulators, politicians and all internal and external audiences with which they interact.


And this is where our expertise together with thought leadership can help. Thought leadership is an invaluable tool that can demonstrate insight by highlighting a problem or opportunity that  your own clients haven’t even considered, or will help them find solutions to a headache they are currently facing. This doesn’t mean that you have to give away all your knowledge, far from it in fact; you merely have to whet their appetite on the issue and demonstrate your expertise along the way.