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SEaB Energy’s micro-power plants to help solve Brazil’s waste and energy issues

Posted on | March 30, 2014 | Comments Off on SEaB Energy’s micro-power plants to help solve Brazil’s waste and energy issues

SEaB Energy Logo croppedWith the world’s eyes on Brazil, the country is turning to the one of the UK’s brightest cleantech companies to help turn its burgeoning waste streams into energy.

Each year the Technology Strategy Board enables a small group of young, British companies with high growth potential to understand and access an overseas market where their technology is a good fit, and this year it was Brazil that was chosen.

Using the impetus of hosting the world’s 2 biggest sporting events, the country is now investing massively in technology to improve the lives of its citizens. It is also introducing massive changes in legislation which will come into play in 2014 and force the Municipalities to stop the unregulated dumping of waste – with the mayors held directly accountable. There are huge opportunities to eliminate this waste stream by converting it into energy, particularly in areas that are off-grid – which, in Brazil’s case, could remove almost 6 million inhabitants from fuel poverty.

Furthermore, the cost of laying down infrastructure for a country the size of Brazil is hugely prohibitive which means it is heading in a different direction to the rest of the developed world and is instead looking for decentralised solutions that enable local communities to make their own energy.

And this is precisely why the potential investors, partners and customers we met were so receptive to SEaB Energy’s highly-mobile micro power plants that are easy to transport, require no infrastructure and can be monitored remotely. Our Flexibuster™ is housed in a standard shipping container and converts food and bio wastes into electricity, heat and a nutrient rich fertiliser.  Such was the success of the trip, SEaB Energy was able to establish a channel partner agreement, with a local distributor, and are now in the final stages of agreeing its first deployment through a consortium,  that combines large corporate, banking and government interests, and which will also create local jobs in Brazil.

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