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We are full-service PR & Marketing agency, committed to investing the time to understand your challenges and objectives before using our experience and creativity to help you raise your brand profile, generate more business and attract new customers. More

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In a nutshell, we're focused on delivering outstanding PR and marketing work for our clients, helping them communicate more effectively with their market in order for them to raise their profile and grow their business. More

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Our clients are both big and small, consumer as well as business focused and from a wide variety of industry sectors. Our main areas of strength are sustainability, consumer goods, aviation & travel and property & finance. More





“Barking Dog Communications has helped us to hugely improve the direction and quality of our communications, from creating compelling client presentations right through to developing our new company website. They have helped us understand what differentiates us from the competition by succinctly defining our value proposition to existing and potential customers. With their valuable help we have seen a definite increase in our customer sales pipeline which in turn has had a positive impact on our turnover”

Russell Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager, Silverbridge Properties Limited


“Barking Dog Communications were an absolute pleasure to work with. Our business caters for a very specific niche market but BDC did their homework and were able to understand our client base and advise on how best to attract new business. During the re-launch of our website nothing was ever too hard or too minor and they always replied to our queries straight away. We loved their design ideas and had our eyes opened to the potential of the web and web-based marketing. They truly offer great value for money.”

Kate Stonor, Director, TSR Imaging Limited


“Barking Dog Communications has re-instated our belief in the value of marketing and PR. They combine dogged determination with terrier-like tenacity to deliver maximum value from a limited marketing budget and have injected a creative enthusiasm that together enables us to think outside the box” 

Dennis Moore, Business Development Manager, IMC Limited


“Without a doubt BDC has been instrumental in delivering brand recognition of our organisation worldwide through unleashing effective targeted communication and marketing initiatives. Moreover Nigel and his team created a true partnership with us and worked doggedly to ensure campaigns ran smoothly and were as slick and professional as anything one might expect from far bigger agencies, yet never losing sight of our SME roots – and budgets. Thanks to BDC: they are a great team to work with and we are like a dog with two tails.”

Richard Lewis, Partner, TRANSEARCH International


Print“Barking Dog Communications has added unquestionable value to our business. Despite operating within a niche market, BDC did thorough research and were therefore able to come up with a marketing angle that was just right for us. Through their excellent news stories Nigel and his team created a perception of our business that was both professional and approachable. In doing so, they put our name on the map and generated valuable leads both online and offline. Fantastic people. Fantastic services.”

Sam Baldwin, Managing Director, Instant Indemnity