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SEaB Energy help Best Western turn food waste into energy

Posted on | May 8, 2014 | Comments Off on SEaB Energy help Best Western turn food waste into energy

SEaB Energy Logo croppedSEaB Energy have successfully deployed their Flexibuster™ micro-power plant at the Best Western, Chilworth Manor and is now turning its food waste into heat and energy.


In a collaborative approach, between the hotel and University of Southanpton Science Park (USSP), an average of 500kg of kitchen food waste, cooking oil and spent alcoholic drinks are being collected and, together with grass waste from the grounds, are processed each day through SEaB Energy’s award-winning Flexibuster™.

Best Western Hotel, Chilworth Manor - turning food waste into energy

Best Western Hotel, Chilworth Manor – turning food waste into energy

As a result, the hotel and USSP are now able to harvest the energy from the food and organic waste produced on the site, whilst, at the same time, they have eliminated the costs associated with the collection and disposal of their green wastes; estimated to be 60% by volume of all the waste produced by the hotel.


Steve Axton, Maintenance Manger at Chilworth Manor, couldn’t be more delighted. “SEaB Energy’s Flexibuster™ has been a revelation in the way we now manage our food waste. It ticks all our important recycling and sustainability boxes as well as health, safety and cleanliness”, commented Steve.


SEaB Energy’s Flexibuster™ is a compact micro power plant housed in a standard shipping container. Not only is it extremely mobile, but the planning requirements are very simple. Electricity and heat generated from the biogas production is used within the Science Park buildings whilst the liquid digestate is being used as a fertiliser by a local turfing and landscaping company.


Through the generation of energy and the elimination of waste disposal costs, the unit produces net revenues of around £20,000 per annum whilst achieving a payback of just 5 years  when the system reaches full capacity during 2014.



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