Greene King and co-cre8 partner to transform plastic waste into cash

The Tub2Pub campaign will hard-to-recycle chocolate tubs into useful products, generating cash for Macmillan Cancer Support.
Tub2Pub Old Five Bells

As Christmas traditions go, there’s not many as ubiquitous as those chocolate tubs, such as Roses, Quality Street and Celebrations. Every home should have (at least) one. Tens of millions are sold each year but did you know that these plastic tubs are frequently hard to recycle?

Many UK councils don’t have the correct recycling facilities so they either end up being landfilled or incinerated. What a waste of perfectly good material!

To tackle this problem, Greene King, Britain’s biggest pub operator and brewer has joined up with circular systems experts co-cre8 and has called on the public for their help.

As part of the Tub2Pub campaign, customers were urged to bring their clean and empty tubs to a Greene King pub, restaurant or hotel. The tubs are then collected and sent to a specialist recycling facility operated by Devon Contract Waste where they are turned into granulated recycled plastic which can be sold on to manufacturers who turn it into useful products, such as garden furniture. The best bit though is that for every tub recycled approximately 8 pence goes to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Barking Dog was tasked with getting the message out via the media. We also produced a short promo film which went viral across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. National and local media picked up the story and the consequences were that consumer engagement in pubs was reported as strong with many customers returning armfuls of tubs each.

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