If you’re staging an event, don’t forget to invite the media

Events, shows and exhibitions present a good opportunity to connect with the media and so remember to include them on your invite list.
Peter & BBC TV 1

Over the years we’ve organised a wide variety of media briefings and press launches; all of which not only generated great coverage but also fixed our clients’ brands in the minds of influential journalists and editors. This has frequently led to follow-up articles or a request to the client for comment on important issues of the day.


Organising a press launch seems easy enough; all you have to do is contact the media, tell them that you have something super-duper to tell them and, if budget allows, a glass of something fizzy if they come. The reality is somewhat different.


Most media outlets these days are staffed by a small number of journalists who are bombarded by agencies all asking for their time when they also have the next issue to produce or newsite to update. They are more likely to come if it’s a trusted source and what is being revealed truly merits a press event. So, this is where we come in by leveraging our contacts and understanding what really will interest each individual media outlet’s viewers, listeners and readers.


As well as trade media launches we’ve also handled mainstream TV, radio and press briefings, with coverage ending up on all of the most important and respective media channels.

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