Keeping your brand fresh and relevant

Successful brands continuously evaluate their messaging and design so that they resonate not only with today but for tomorrow as well.
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There is virtually no market sector where there is complete stasis. It means that existing players need to evolve by developing new products and improving existing ones. There is also the threat of new entrants or new technologies that totally eclipse the status quo. Buyers tastes also change over time; both in terms of what they buy and how they buy it. Expectations of manufacturers and sellers also evolve meaning that today’s businesses need to demonstrate their environmental, ethical and inclusivity credentials and those that don’t may not survive.


What it boils down to is that businesses cannot stand still. We like to believe that the brands we work with are all cognisant of this, which makes them leaders in their respective fields. It’s also important to be constantly reminding customers of this. Buyers are constantly bombarded with competing messaging all day long, via email, web, the media and socials and so it may be not a surprise that they don’t necessarily think of your brand first.


MOBA Mobile Automation are a German engineering giant, designing and manufacturing hardware and software for the waste management and construction industries. Its solutions enable, for example, waste collectors operate more efficiently and transparently and also pioneering technology for Underground Waste Systems – viewed by local authorities as the future of waste management.


After a marketing hiatus of a number of years, we were asked to evaluate their current activity, its market and competitors, make recommendations and then create a fresh new campaign with the objective of reconnecting with its customer base.

We refreshed its website with a new look and content and creative new messaging and design for advertising and exhibition display. We’ve also taken over their social media accounts, growing followers by over 500% since the start, and produced a number of films that have helped drive brand interest.


Marketing activity is only been a small part of why MOBA is currently exponentially but consistent, easily understood messaging is helping customers understand what MOBA stands for and the benefits its solutions bring.


Here’s a quick summary of the creative work conducted including website, print and digital adverts, exhibition stand design, vehicle livery and flyers.

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