Launch of the world’s first cup made from used cups

To celebrate the launch of the revolutionary rCUP at the London Coffee Festival, we produced this promo film.

What if you could take a used coffee cup and turn into something useful? Even better, what if you make it into a reusable cup? Well, that’s exactly what our clients have done to create the rCUP; the world’s first coffee cup made from used cups.

Its estimated that every person in the UK throws away 350 paper coffee cups each year. By switching to rCUP, these used cups will no longer go landfill and instead will contribute directly to the manufacture of new products. Better still, the rCUP has been designed to last for at least 10 years use and is 100% recyclable in the UK’s curbside recycling system.

Simply Cups first collects the used cups before sending them on for processing. The cups are then transformed into a polymer pellet that can then moulded into the rCUP. In fact, it can be moulded in just about anything since the material is extremely durable and hard-wearing.

Functionality is everything, that’s why the rCUP has been designed to be completely leak proof. It also allows a 360-degree drinking experience so you never need to locate the hole or check which side to drink from. And, unlike many reusable coffee cups or travel cups, rCUP is fully insulated.

Launched at London Coffee Festival, we produced a promo film to mark the event that been viewed over fifty thousand times across various channels.

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