Media reach to amplify positive disruption

PR and media outreach should always be part of every disruptor's marketing strategy as a way of breaking through the status quo.
HFW Waste

We’ve been fortunate over the years to work for some really inspiring ‘disrupters’ seeking to change the status quo. In our experience, these businesses were primarily motivated not by monetary gain, although without revenue they cease to exist, but a deep-rooted belief that things can be done far better, even if it means wholesale change for the sector.

Markets are fearful of disrupters, and so they should be.  A ‘this is how’s it’s always been done’ attitude suits existing players but completely stifles innovation.

One of the biggest challenges for a disrupter is to convince enough people that their idea works and it can truly bring big benefits. Media coverage is a great way to reach a mass audience but journalists must also be convinced that the idea is not some hare-brained scheme cooked up in a potting shed.

This is where a trusted PR agency can help. By reaching out to our network media contacts we have the know-how and ability to feature your big idea in trade media, local news, national press or even radio and TV. Not forgetting also, the power of social media and the role that influencers play.

There’s no magic formula required for good media coverage. Just well-written stories, that succinctly engage the media outlet’s audience, and is pitched at the right level to the media contact. Getting the media to attend a launch or event requires a bit more perseverance, such is the demand for their time, and so the power of persuasion is required.

Our clients have been featured on the BBC, ITV, Sky News, C4 and C5 as well as on US and European channels. They’ve made the front pages of all the major national papers and are regularly featured in their sectors most respective trade media.

Here’s just a few highlights of how we managed to bring the issue of coffee cup waste, and the solutions to deal with it, to the mass market.

Simply Cups on BBC Worldwide

Simply Cups explains the background to the issue and the steps its taking to help solve the problem.

Cup recycling at Marylebone

BBC London reports on cup recycling at Marylebone Station.

Dutch TV covers cup recycling

RTL investigates how Simply Cups has pioneered coffee cup recycling in the UK.

Cup Recycling live on BBC Radio

Vanessa Feltz reports on a recycling first at Marylebone Station.

Simply Cups on Channel 5 News

Channel 5 reveals why a 'Latte levy' won't solve the issue of cup waste alone.

Simply Cups on Australian TV

ABC News reveals how Simply Cups is making huge strides in Australia.

Dirty Britain

Channel 5 paid a visit at Simply Waste's yard to see how used coffee cups are sorted and baled.

Lifting the lid on cup recycling

Channel 5 spent a day at Marylebone Station checking out the new coffee cup recycling bins.

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