Press launch of Chiltern Rail’s industry-first recycling initiative

Sky News and the BBC cover a major new recycling first at Marylebone Station wherebyChiltern Rail's used cups are recycled into useful products.
Marylebone Cup Recyling

When Simply Cups and Chiltern Railways wanted to announce a major recycling initiative, Barking Dog was called on to organise the event, gather the media and capture the whole thing on film.

Used coffee cups have become a scourge for transport operators, clogging up bins on both trains and in stations. Because these cups can’t easily be recycled, and because consumers are not sure where to put them, they also often also end up contaminating recycling bins.

Simply Cups solves this issue as it’s the UK’s only beverage cup collection and recycling service. To ensure that the cup waste is collected at source, Simply Cups can also provide cup collection bins that have been approved for use in transport hubs by the Department of Transport.

Now, Marylebone Station in London is the first transport hub in the UK to offer cup recycling using Simply Cups’ collection infrastructure and recycling service. To announce this industry-first initiative, Barking Dog devised an experiential event at the station to showcase the new service and encourage commuters to use the new bins.

We also invited the media down for the day. The launch was featured on Sky TV, using video footage filmed by us. A live radio interview was also broadcast on Vanessa Feltz’s BBC show. BBC London were also in attendance and not only filmed the station but also the recycling waste transfer station, operated by Simply Waste Solutions, and where the used cups first travel for sorting and baling. This segment was shown on both BBC London’s early evening and late news shows. Channel 5 also covered the story during its ‘Dirty Britain’ series.

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