Producing films on a budget

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Flexibility is the key to film production when both budget and time constraints come into play.

In an ideal world, film production is much easier when there is time available to properly plan a film shoot, even when budgets are modest. This is not always the case, particularly if a last-minute filming opportunity arises that needs to be grabbed.

This was the case when our clients, Easy House Offers, asked us to quickly prepare for a shoot to help them with some new social media content. Within 24 hours scripts were drafted, storyboards were drawn up and a location was selected so that we could meet a tight schedule of filming later that week.

The venue offered plenty of opportunities for both to-camera pieces and B-Roll, helped enormously by good weather. The result was a series of short films to help our client with its ‘quick home purchase’ service. Here’s a selection from the output that was spread across the client’s social media channels.

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