The art of new branding

A winning brand design must not only reflect the personality of the company but also must appeal to its core target market.
branding design

Over the last twenty years, Barking Dog has been tasked with creating over thirty new brands. Most have been brand-new start-ups, requiring us to not only design logos and brand identity but also to come up with a company name.


The first step is to listen to the objectives and ambitions of these companies’ leaders beginning with what will the new business will do and what their target market is. We want to know what makes them different and how they plan to stand out from the crowd. We then work with them to understand the brand personality and how they would like to be perceived by customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.


Unless the company has deep seed-funding, which most do not, we recognise that cost is critical and so we’ve always been able to deliver what the client wants within the allowed budget, however modest. Another factor is time; they want to hit the ground fast and so we accelerate the process to meet timescales, without compromising on quality.


Very quickly, we generate a shortlist of potential names ranging from those that ‘say what it does on the tin’ to ones that are will rank higher in google searches. Once a name is chosen, we provide a selection of logo treatments and, with an associated pallet of colours, how it can be applied to, for example, collateral, shop fronts, vehicle livery and web.


Here’s just a few examples of the brands we’ve created over the years.

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