Trade shows; are they still worth attending?

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There are now many more ways of connecting with clients, prospects, suppliers and the media without having to meet face to face. So, why are trade shows still going?

Back in the day, before the proliferation of digital communication, trade shows were king. For exhibitors, it was a chance to meet with current clients, prospect new business, present to the media, peek on competitors and generally get a feeling of how their market was moving. Exhibiting has never been cheap, and for a lot of businesses, was a large chunk of their overall marketing spend.

Today, however, we can connect with millions of people with just a few key strokes, at little or no cost. So, we ask, why are trade shows still operating?

Its fair to say that there are far fewer than there were, and those that thrive have done so because they can still attract a valuable audience for their exhibitors; given that trade shows are generally free to attend.

For our clients, choosing which events to attend is still a moveable feast, and requires careful consideration and analysis. Events in the waste industry are still going strong; after all where do you get to see the full range of 26-tonne collection trucks and all of the technology that makes waste management much easier?

This year, our client MOBA Mobile Automation, with the help of Barking Dog, will attend around 10 shows of various sizes. Some require no more than a portable display stand, while for the larger shows, such as RWM and Road Transport Expo, require something more grand.

We wouldn’t be doing these shows unless there was sufficient sales interest and its fair to say that at each one we attend the sales guys always go home with at least one firm order and a minimum of five strong potentials.

Here’s some of the films that we produced before and at the shows to promote MOBA’s particpitation.

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